22 rhinos die in nine months in Nepal

By March 24, 2020Conservation
Khabarhub| March 23, 2020

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CHITWAN: The incidents of natural death of rhinos have increased at Chitwan National Park (CNP) in recent times.

As many as 22 rhinos have died due to natural reasons from mid-July 2019 to this date.

Assistant Conservation Officer of the National Park Prakash Uprety said that the carcass of a rhino was found at Temple Tiger zone in western belt on last Tuesday.

Likewise, two rhinos were found dead in the national forest and national park areas recently.

Original image by Khabarhub: A dead rhino. Incidents of natural death of rhinos have increased at CNP.

Authorities said that the main reasons behind the rhino deaths in the CNP are aging, in-fighting, food poisoning, stuck in water pits and gorge and husbandry.

The CNP had last year earlier formed a committee to study the deaths of the one-horned.

Rhinos, meanwhile, have not been killed for smuggling purposes for the past few years.

In the last fiscal year, some 43 rhinos died due to natural reasons. Similarly, 26 rhinos died in the fiscal 2074/75 and 25 in the fiscal 2073/74.

According to Uprety, there are 605 rhinos at CNP as per the latest count.