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Attempted rhino attack at game reserve

By September 5, 2019Anti-poaching
The Zululand Observer | September 4, 2019

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Thula Thula Private Game Reserve was targetted last week when six suspected poachers entered the property on consecutive nights.

The reserve is home to four rhinos that were recently dehorned to discourage poaching.

However, the precaution, as well as extensive security at the reserve did not deter six armed men who set their sights on the rhinos on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Original photo as published by the Zululand Observer: Despite Thula Thula Game Reserve’s conservation efforts, rhino poachers targeted the reserve last week.

According to a report sent to police, the reserve’s Anti Poaching Unit made contact with six poachers armed with rifles, within close proximity to the rhinos and found themselves under continuous heavy automatic gunfire.

On Thursday, it was reported that the same group was again encountered, the report stating: ‘Seems to me that this group has a plan and they are not going to step back. This nature reserve is under attack by heavily armed suspects who we doubt are from this area.’

Project Rhino air support, SAPS and Security 4U responded to the incident.

Thula Thula’s Christiaan Buson told the ZO on Friday, that the situation was under control and confirmed that none of their rhinos was harmed.

‘There are many ways that the intruders could have gained access, with one of them being through a fence. We have extensive security which includes patrol officers as well as cameras and drones.’

Thula Thula managing director Francoise Anthony thanked SAPS, Security 4 U and Project Rhino for their quick response in dealing with the attempted attack.