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Carte Blanche with the amazing story behind award-winning rhino poaching doccie, ‘Stroop’

By September 19, 2019Anti-poaching, Education
Jasmine Stone, 2 Oceans Vibe | September 17, 2019

See link for photo & 10-minute video.

Some stories are harder to tell than others, and the team who made Stroop certainly embarked on an emotional rollercoaster these past few years.

Rhino poaching has all but decimated the South African population, and the African population as a whole, but there are still those fighting on the front line to keep these animals safe.

At times, this Carte Blanche segment from Sunday makes for very difficult viewing, but it’s also a testament to the incredible work of those who made Stroop happen.

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Here’s their write-up:

“The Afrikaans word for ‘stripping bare’ – Stroop, is a carefully chosen depiction of the decimation caused by the unrelenting poaching of rhinos for their horns in South Africa, and the name of an unflinching documentary exposing the forces behind the horn trade on two continents.

Now feted for their courage and grit, director Susan Scott and on-camera journalist Bonné de Bod gave up their day jobs, cashed in their insurance policies and moved home to live with their mothers, to fund their four-year odyssey into this criminal underworld.

With Stroop garnering international accolades, Carte Blanche meets the women who risked everything to bring the story home.”