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Eight arrested in connection with rhino poaching (Namibia)

By January 14, 2020Anti-poaching
Ileni Nandjato & Jemima Beukes, The Namibian Sun | January 13, 2020

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Two Oshakati town council employees are among several people who were arrested last week in the Etosha National Park for rhino poaching.

They were caught red-handed attempting to cut the horns off two rhinos they shot and killed in the park.

They were nabbed by the Blue Rhino Team, a joint operation consisting of Namibian police, officials from the ministry of environment and tourism as well as members of the Namibian Defence Force (NDF).

It was reported that a team of five went on a rhino hunt in Etosha last week. On Wednesday they killed the two rhinos they were caught with, according to a police report.

Four of the suspects – Heimo Namweya, Shivolo Seboron, Diogenus Shivute and Moses Ekandjo – appeared before the Tsumeb Magistrate’s Court last Friday.

“Four of the suspects were arrested on the spot while one managed to escape. A hunting rifle and ammunition were recovered. The team also managed to arrest two other people who dropped them off the previous day. The Land Cruiser pick-up they used was impounded as well as instruments associated with rhino poaching,” the police report said.

“On Friday the team managed to arrest the suspect who initially fled from the scene. He was arrested together with another suspect who was on the run and was wanted for a previous rhino poaching case.”

The two are scheduled to appear in the Tsumeb Court today.

Police also reported that last Friday, the Blue Rhino Team arrested two men at Chiccimani Kalumba location in Katima Mulilo after they attempted to sell rhino horns to undercover police officers.

They were found in possession of two rhino horns. Police also managed to impound their two vehicles.

The two are due to appear before the Katina Mulilo magistrate’s Court today on charges of possession and dealing in controlled wildlife products.