Four rhinos already found dead at CNP in this fiscal year (Nepal)

By November 4, 2019Conservation
Tilak Ram Rimal, The Himalayan | October 31, 2019

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CHITWAN: As many as four rhinoceros, an endangered one-horned species, have died at the Chitwan National Park (CNP) in Chitwan district, in this fiscal year.

In the period of last two months from August 26 to October 28, four endangered one-horned rhinoceros have died out of natural causes posing new challenges to conservation of the rare wildlife, CNP reports.

Original photo as published by The Himalayan: Tourists on jeep safari watching one-horned rhino crossing a trail in the Chitwan National Park, on Friday, March 24, 2017. (Photo: RSS)

According to CNP Communication Officer Gopal Ghimire, rhinos were found motionless at assorted locations around the CNP of late. They all died due to natural causes, Ghimire added.

“After implementing effective poaching measures, there are no reports of rhino poaching in CNP of late,” Ghimire informed.

As the number of rhinos death due to natural causes skyrocketed in recent years, CNP has formed a committee in coordination with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation to study the cause of death.

Last year alone, 41 rhinos died out of natural causes around the CNP. Currently, there are altogether 645 rhinos in Nepal, in which CNP house around 605 and others at Bardiya National Park in Kailali district.

Meanwhile, the department is preparing to count the number of rhinos found in Nepal, in this fiscal year.