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Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes – Rhino calf and zebra foal become best friends

By January 10, 2022Rescue and rehab

A zebra foal and rhino calf have become the best of friends together. Image: As originally published by Cape Town Etc

Leigh-Ann Londt, Cape Town Etc | January 8, 2022


Friendship comes in all different shapes, sizes and situations. And sometimes, the strongest of friendships form during the hardest of times. Human or animal, everyone needs a friend to tell them “you’re not alone, we’ll get through this together.”

An orphan rhino calf and zebra foal who were both rescued after birth have become the closest of friends.

The Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary team received a calf – now named Daisy. She was discovered and rescued by the SANParks team during a routine operation in the Kruger. Daisy could not stand, and her umbilical cord was still attached. The little calf was weak and vulnerable.

“This tiny, miniature rhino instantly climbed into our hearts. She looked prehistoric with her oversized feet, droopy lips and hairy ears, yet she was so unbelievably vulnerable. Her immune system is massively compromised without colostrum from her mother, and she is extremely vulnerable to illness. She is an incredibly challenging calf to stabilise and requires round the clock intensive care”, says the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary.

Meanwhile, Modjadji, a young zebra foal, was also rescued after severe storms and her name means ‘rain queen’, and she too is a miracle baby.

“Modjadji was found around the same time as Daisy. She was found motionless and barely breathing. Estimated to be under a week old, the tiny baby was in a very bad condition. The team had to work around the clock to stabilise her.”

The two miracle orphans have become the best of friends and found family in each other. Modjadji has another important role to play. She has befriended little Daisy and is really offering her a lot of comfort and is gentle with her.

Both these species play a vital role in a healthy ecosystem. Every species is important.

The Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary works tirelessly and endlessly to rescue, rehabilitate and rewild animals.

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