Maun police in search of rhino killers (Botswana)

Esther Mmolai, The Daily News | September 12, 2019

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Police in Maun have embarked on a search for suspects in connection with two rhinos, which were found dead in the Okavango Delta. Senior Superintendent Samuel Kgomo said in an interview that the dead rhinos were found in Mombo area on September 12.

He said his office received a report from one of the people residing in the delta and they rushed to the scene accompanied by officers from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks. He said they found one white rhino dead without horns adding that it seemed it had been there for four days.

He said they patrolled the area and found another black rhino carcass about four kilometres away from the other one. It was also dead and without horns.

Senior Superintendent Kgomo said that was the third incident in a space of two months, hence suspicion that poaching was rife in the delta. Recently, another incident was recorded in which two suspected poachers were killed in the same area within the delta by Botswana Defence Force officers.

He said incidents of poaching were disturbing and urged the community to join hands with the police to protect their natural resources. Rhinos, he said, were endangered species hence the need to protect them.