Namibia amends penalties relating to wildlife crimes

Xinhua | January 27, 2020

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WINDHOEK: Namibia had set up new and stricter laws pertaining to wildlife crimes, to curb the influx of these crimes, the Namibian Police said on Monday.

Namibian Police deputy commissioner Kauna Shikwambi said the illegal hunting of rhinos and elephants, upon conviction may face a fine up to 25 million Namibian dollars (previously 200,000 Namibian dollars, or about 13, 800 U.S. dollars) or imprisonment not exceeding 25 years (preciously 20 years), or both.

“The possession of rhino horns, elephant tusks (ivory) or pangolin skin, upon conviction, a convict can be sentenced to a fine not exceeding 15 million Namibian dollars (previously 20,000 Namibian dollars) or to imprisonment not exceeding 15 years (previously 5 years) or to both such fine and imprisonment,” she said.

The deputy commissioner said this should serve as a clear warning to would-be offenders that they would be dealt with the full force of the law if they contravene the said wildlife laws.

“We call on the public to patriotically report such illegal activities relating to wildlife crimes to law enforcement agencies. No one in Namibia is allowed to posses any of the specially protected species or their products without a valid permit issued in terms of the wildlife legislations, by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism,” Shikwambi said.