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Poachers arrested after they post pictures of Mountain Lion kill online

SANParks confirmed four suspected poachers were arrested over the weekend. Image: As originally published by The Sentinel.

Staff Reporter, The Sentinel | April 21, 2021

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Four suspected poachers were arrested at the Kruger National Park (KNP) over the weekend, said South African National Parks (SANParks).

In a statement on Monday, SANParks said one suspected poacher was arrested on April 17 in possession of poaching equipment including a rifle and an ax, reports Xinhua news agency.

The second one fled from the rangers and was trampled to death by elephants and a third one escaped. On April 18, the rangers supported by the airwing and K9 units (dog section) tracked the poachers and arrested three. “It has been a successful weekend in the fight to keep our rhinos alive in the park, we are delighted with our anti-poaching teams who were able to arrest suspects before any animal was killed.

The actions are a morale booster for our anti-poaching teams and conservation efforts,” said Gareth Coleman, managing executive of the KNP. (IANS)