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Police register eight cases of illegal possession of pangolin products in a month (Namibia)

By March 8, 2021Wildlife Trade

Namibia grapples with illegal pangolin possession. Image: As originally published by Namibian Broadcasting Corporation / NAMPA.

Staff Reporter, Namibian Broadcasting Corporation | March 5, 2021

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The Ministry of Environment and Tourism reports that 14 cases of illegal possession of wildlife products as well as convictions were made between 25 of January to 28 February.

Of the 14 cases, eight were for the possession of live pangolins, skins, scales and bones, demonstrating that this nocturnal animal is under serious threat.

In Opuwo Tjihepo Tjondo was found guilty on 15 February for possession of one pangolin skin and was fined N$60 000 of which N$3 000 is suspended or six months imprisonment, suspended for three months.

Another two Namibians were also found guilty at Opuwo for the possession of one pangolin skin. Both were given fines of N$25 000 each of which N$5 000 was suspended or prison terms of 12 months wholly suspended.

At Rundu, Joseph Mukuve was given a heavy sentence of N$200 000 or 48 months in prison for one live pangolin and two skins.

A Chinese national, Ma Jingsao was arrested with an unspecified number of pangolin scales and bones.

At Oshakati two suspects were arrested on 21 February in possession of two live pangolins.

During the period under review, 12 elephant tusk cases were also handled, one involving a Botswana national, Phefo Ndara.

Ndara was found guilty in January for the possession of four elephant tusks in Ndiyonda. He was fined N$50 000 or 60 months in prison.

At Oshikango, Immanuel Musenge was found guilty for the possession of a rhino horn and sentenced to a fine of N$15 000 of which N$6 000 is suspended or 24 months imprisonment suspended for eight months.

In Windhoek, two Namibian men were also arrested for the possession of two elephant tusks and two hippo teeth.