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Rhino found dead in Chitwan National Park (Nepal)

Nepal24 Hours | April 16, 2020

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CHITWAN: A rhinoceros has been found dead at Chisapani area inside the Chitwan National Park here on Wednesday. The male rhino was found dead in a swamp at the core area of the Park.

The carcass of the animal was discovered at p.m. and its horn and hoofs are intact, assistant conservation officer Prakash Upreti said. “The old rhino was found drowned in the swamp and it was already dead when we went to rescue it,” he said.


Original image as posted by Nepal24 Hours

The place where the rhino was found dead is like the pocket area of the rhinos. Most of the rhinos are concentrated in the Sukhibhar area. Twenty-four rhinos have died in the Chitwan National Park so far in the current fiscal year.