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Rhino from Kaziranga National Park takes refuge in Dibrugarh’s Dehing-Medela reserve forest (India)

By March 23, 2021Communities

A rhino. Image: As originally published by Northeast Now.

Avik Chakraborty, Northeast Now | March 19, 2021

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A rhino that strayed out of Kaziranga National Park has taken refuge in the Dehing-Medela reserve forest of Dibrugarh district.

A team of forest officials entered into the Dehing-Medela reserve forest to tranquilize the rhino.

Few days ago, the rhino was spotted by the villagers near the forest area and informed the forest department.

“We spotted the rhino in the Dehing-Medela reserve forest a few days ago. We suspect that the rhino came from Kaziranga National Park using the route along the Brahmaputra,” said a villager.

The forest team is using drone to the trace the rhino.

Dehing-Medela is an elephant reserve forest where a good number of wild elephants are found.

“For the first time, a rhino has been spotted here. We are excited to see the rhino,” said another villager.

“To tranquilize the rhino, a forest officials’ team has entered into the deep forest and send it back to Kaziranga,” said a forest official.

Nature lovers, environmentalists and public thronged the Dehing-Medela reserve forest to have a glimpse of the rhino.

After the rhino was spotted in the area, fear has gripped the villagers.