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SSB can play key role to curbing trans-border wildlife crimes: Experts (India)

By March 8, 2021Wildlife Trade

Members of the SSB during a workshop session. Image: As originally published by The Shillong Times.

Shillong Times Correspondent, The Shillong Times | March 5, 2021

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Personnel of Shashastra Seema Bol (SSB) entrusted to guard India’s borer with Bhutan were today sensitised and enlightened on the key role they are expected to play in curbing trans-border wildlife crimes that are thriving across nations on the globe.

Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) and Aaranyak ( successfully conducted workshop on prevention of wildlife crime and intelligence gathering with 23th Battalion of Shashastra Seema Bol (SSB) at Lalpool, Udalguri in Assam.

The programme was as part of the ongoing series of programme organised to raise awareness level among the SSB personnel in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh about the need to curb wildlife crimes in the region.

The initiative undertaken by the Aaranyak, a top-notch biodiversity conservation and research organisation based in Guwahati and WCCB also aims to sensitise the SSB personnel entrusted with guarding the countries frontier.

Internationally reputed rhino-conservation experts and the CEO of Aaranyak, Dr Bibhab Kumar Taklukdar started the workshop by making a detail facts studded presentation on wildlife crime scenario across the globe.

He specifically discussed how SSB personnel can help prevent wildlife crimes by reducing trans-border crimes, entry and exit of illegal wildlife products in and out of India. He also stressed on preventing smuggling and other illegal activities across border, which pose threat to national security.

SSB’s Assistant Commandant, Rajat Pandey inaugurated programme by welcoming participants and explaining the purpose of workshop

Assistant Director of WCCB, J. Baro also highlighted how SSB has an important role in prevention of wildlife crimes and trade in wildlife parts. He called for strengthening intelligence gathering apparatus, patrolling and raising awareness level among personnel on wildlife crime scenario and relevant law provisions in vogue to deal with such crimes.

He also discussed about various cases WCCB were involved in and the details of seizures of different wildlife products.

Intelligence assistant of the WCCB, Hiten Bora spoke about intelligence gathering, steps for detaining offenders, about informants and informers as well as about decoy dealing. The session also had practical session on identifying various wildlife products first hand.

Deputy Commandant of the SSB Anil Kumar Pal concluded the workshop by thanking all the participants He also distributed the certificates along with Dr Bibhab Kumar Talukdar.

As many as 40 SSB officers and personnel participated in the workshop provided positive feedback and significantly requested for a two-day long workshop with practical sessions.