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Mozambique sees progress in wildlife protection while challenges remain: Report

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The Club of Mozambique | March 3, 2020

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Wildlife and biodiversity protection in Mozambique has been undergoing significant progress in the last decade, but the conflicts between human and animal continue to be a challenge, said the National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC) on Tuesday.

Speaking on the World Wildlife Day, the Director of Protection and Law Enforcement Services within ANAC Carlos Lopes Pereira told the national radio RM that there has been a decrease in the number of poaching particularly for protected species such as elephants and rhinos.

Original photo as published by Club of Mozambique. File photo: RM

After a period of serious losses, the numbers of elephants and rhinos in national parks are stabilising, said the director.

Meanwhile, the conflicts between human and animal remain, as Dr. Pereira said in the past five years 420 people were killed by animals and in the last year alone there were 42 deaths and 44 people injuries.

Moreover, he regrets that they are unable to quantify the impact on food security, because wild animals also destroy crops and food production facilities.

As an effort to raise awareness of wildlife protection, Mozambican authorities are launching a campaign under the theme “Poaching steals from all of us”, and there are also projects designed to reduce the fight for space between human and animals.

Over 4 tons of ivory confiscated in 2014-2019 in Mozambique

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Xinhua | March 4, 2020

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MAPUTO: The Mozambican government said on Wednesday that it seized 4,394 kg of ivory, 190 kg of rhino horns, and other trophies from the year 2014 to 2019.

Minister of Land and Environment Ivete Maibase announced the figures during the launch of a campaign against poaching in Maputo, a day after the World Wildlife Day.

“There is a need to combat poaching fiercely, as part of preserving wildlife species,” she said.

Over the past five years, the minister said, 1,682 offenders were “neutralized,” 30,916 traps deactivated, and around 500 weapons confiscated, Maibase said.

The campaign, “Poaching steals from all of us,” was designed to raise public awareness for the prevention and fight against poaching, to combat trafficking in wildlife products, and to boost ecotourism.

Mozambique’s conservation areas cover about 25 percent of its territory, including seven national parks and seven national reserves.

The Launch of African Symposium’s Wildlife Conservation in Africa

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Cholo Brooks, Global News Network | February 29, 2020

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NEW YORK, USA: An interactive convening of experts, diplomats, activists and compassionate citizens, to discuss wildlife conservation in Africa in celebration of World Wildlife Day 2020 in line with Sustainable Development Goal 15.

African Symposium’s Inaugural Forum on Wildlife Conservation in Africa is launching on March 3, 2020 on the United Nations designated World Wildlife Day and in line with Sustainable Development Goal 15. H.E. Lazarus O. Amayo, Ambassador of the Permanent Mission of Kenya, H.E. Valentine Rugwabiza, Ambassador of Rwanda to the UN and H.E. Jean-Claude do Rego, Ambassador of Benin to the UN will be making opening remarks along with Dr. Djibril Diallo, CEO of The African Renaissance and Diaspora Network as the moderator.

This forum will take place at the Rubin Museum of Art and will focus on opportunities for the African Diaspora community and friends to play a more active, engaged and visible role. The speakers include Angela Grimes of Born Free USA, Lexi Bowes-Lyon of Space for Giants, Edwin Tambara of African Wildlife Foundation, Alexandra Mor, Jewelry Designer, Esther Agbarakwe, Nigerian Climate Change Activist, Fleurie LeClercq, Children’s Book Author, NDE Media Group, Zigi Ben- Haim, showcasing THE MAGNIFICENT DOZEN: Endangered Animals paintings, Dr. David O’Connor, Permanent Observer of IUCN to the UN, Dr. Dale Jamieson, Director, NYU Center for Environmental & Animal Protection, and The Same Sky Foundation.

Of the estimated 415,000 Wild elephants on the continent, approximately 55 African Elephants are poached every day. Due to rampant poaching for Rhino horn, there are only two Northern White Rhinos left in the world, both of which are female, and with approximately 23,000 lions left in the wild, African lions face extinction by 2050. The United Nations General Assembly has designated March 3 as World Wildlife Day to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild fauna and flora, and to recognize the intrinsic value of wildlife and its various contributions to sustainable development and human well-being.