Year 12 student and Wilderness Foundation Africa present a message of rhino protection (Vietnam)

By September 24, 2019Conservation, Education
Nord Anglia Education | September 20, 2019

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On Tuesday, we were delighted to welcome Mr. Norval – a representative from Wilderness Foundation Africa – to BIS Hanoi. The visitor, with Duc Tuan (Year 12), delivered a presentation to Key Stage 4&5 students about the plight of rhinos in the wild and the projects being worked on to maintain the population of these incredible animals.

The presentation was a follow up project for Duc Tuan in his official title of ‘Wild Rhino Youth Ambassador’ for Vietnam. Since his visit to South Africa in the summer, he has been raising awareness and encouraging people to stop using rhino horn for tradition medicines and other purposes.

Duc Tuan started the presentation with alarming stories of many rhinos who have been left in excruciating pain and being left to die a slow death after poachers have hacked their horn off. These stories were demonstrated with a series of photos of various rhinos that have been left in this situation and it drew somber attention from students and teachers alike.

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Following on from this blunt information session, Mr Norval continued the presentation emphasizing on the rising issue of wildlife crime to our students. The presentation brought up a lot of useful information and encouraged students to spread out the message to everyone around them and that small acts make big changes.

We had a sit down conversation with Duc Tuan to ask him about the message he wants to spread and his future plans as a Wild Rhino Youth Ambassador. Listen to his video below and take time to absorb it.

Mr Norval – Wilderness Foundation Africa’s representative also encouraged students that, “The smallest thing you could do to conserve the wildlife is to spread the message to your friends and family. You can take the materials we give to the school and share with everyone around you”.

Together let’s help Duc Tuan and the Wilderness Foundation Africa to spread out the message to everyone and raise awareness of the huge issues surrounding rhino poaching which has led to 3 of the 5 species being declared as Critically Endangered by the World Conservation Union.